Job Introduction

BMC's CoreValue

BMC is a performance-driven company committed to meeting customers' needs through close collaboration with colleagues.


An attitude to achieve organizational goals by improving work processes and pursuing new and positive changes along with continuous self-improvement based on creative and progressive thinking.


An attitude of continuously striving for quality improvement by setting the highest quality standards and overcoming the limitations, for the purpose of providing the best products and services to customers.


The capabilities to effectively and seamlessly collaborate with colleagues across workplaces and organizations to achieve common goals, based on loyalty to the company and a sense of belonging.


An attitude to meet customer needs and improve customer satisfaction by identifying customers' expectations and requirements and responding appropriately to them.


Developing new customers with new products for new markets.
Retaining customers while generating sustainable profits.

Product production without setbacks by discovering high-quality materials/parts through supplier/partner management and supplying them in a timely manner through inventory management and due diligence

Finance/HR and general affairs

Establish and support data-driven decision making.
Administer funds with ethical, accurate accounting and performance assessment of the Company.

Improving the morale of employees, the human resources of the company is managing a entire process of employee welfare, benefits package, environmental health and safety from employment to resignation for all employee.

Management information/Management planning

Obtain and provide reliable and timely management data, secure technological information, and execute effective technological support for the company's innovative activities.

Establishment of the company's managing strategy, business plan and performance aggregation to support management decision making, conducting a meeting for whole workplaces & HQ's perfect communications.

Quality management/Quality Assurance

Contribute to maintaining a stable quality control system for high quality assurance, implement ongoing employee quality education programs to improve issue response effectiveness.

Minimize defect rate by continuing regular quality control activities, prevention and correction as to customer's concerns and complaints before and after issues raised, which results in improving the reliability of products and customer's confidence in company.

Mold design/Mold management/Molding mold

Design transfer mold/clinching mold for motor housing and mold method for motor core that are used for mass-production of products.

Enhancing mold manufacturing technology through the mold management with repairs and improvement by correcting occurred problems after mold development and mass-production.

Mold development by injection and extrusion, and products development by injection test. Improve manufacturing technology through maintenance of mold, the related database and documents.

Production engineering/Facility maintenance

Analyze economic feasibility, technology, reliability and integrated configuration review of mechanism setting, mechanical analysis, and machine elements for machine design in response to new models that contribute to productivity improvement.

Contributing to productivity improvement through follow-up care and planned maintenance activities for facilities and process improvement.


Producing products based on production plans, improving processes and reducing the defect rate to optimize manufacturing efficiency.

Building up a system and process maintaining best quality, controlling of import and shipment in stable inventory management for productivity and greater efficiency.