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BMC Co, Ltd. Is a leading company in motor housing and motor cores for automotive parts, contributing to the autmobile industry in domestic and abroad with stable quality and continuous technology development.
BMC Co., Ltd. owns in itself desigining and manufacturing technology for housing molds for quality stability and prompt response to our customer demands.

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A company in best competitiveness to discover future growth engines

BMC Co., Ltd. is a global company with the best competitiveness and discovering future growth engines having a business structure that enables continuous value creation.
BMC Co., Ltd is a constantly reborn company with best competitivenss under the managing motto that a specification comes from the customer's demand , the quality should be focused on the view of hhe customer.


A world-class company providing best investment value


A reliable company constantly providing new values


A company that provides the best human resources development and reasonable compensation

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BMC Co., Ltd has already made a name for itself with stable technology domestically and internationally.

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This is BMC, Korea's leading Motor Housing & Core global company.

From product purchase inquiry to production, we are completely prepared.

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